Find Finsbury Fox!

The Great Islington’s Pride LGBTQ+ Archive Online Catalogue Treasure Hunt!

This is what you’ve all been waiting for; a treasure hunt through the online archives of the Islington’s Pride LGBTQ+ collections.

Finsbury Fox is one of Dani the Storyteller’s friends. Finsbury lives at Islington Museum and comes out to lend a hand with tales about Islington. In his down time he’s been lurking in the records on the Islington’s Pride online catalogue. Can you find all the archives he has visited?

Finsbury Fox with flags

Read the clues below and head over to the Islington’s Pride Online Archive Catalogue to find him!

1. Finsbury is a big fan of Pride Festivals and is having a great time in 1989.

2. Finsbury is checking out what events are going on in London Friend, he’s particularly interested in a talk about racial background affecting someone’s “coming out” organised by Fusion in 1992.

3. With so much going on at Central Station the best way to keep on top of all the events, activities and meetings is to have a look at the newsletters. Finsbury is finding out about Central Station’s 1st birthday party in 1993 where the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence came along to give their Blessing.

4. Finsbury is having a browse through some London Lesbian newsletters. He’s stopped to read about the International Lesbian Information Service Conference.

5. People are campaigning against Section 28, legislation that will censor LGBT+ relationships in schools and local authorities in the UK. Finsbury is looking at a flyer for a public meeting at the Islington Town Hall by the Islington Council Workers.

6. Finsbury thinks zines are great! He’s looking at a free transgender zine in 1997.

7. There’s a campaign going on in the 1980s that needs lots of volunteers for leafleting in Haringey and LGBT venues. Finsbury thinks he could help be a steward on the day of the demonstration.

8. Finsbury is reading about the final London heat of a big UK contest taking place in Central Station.

9. Finsbury is finding out some information about HIV/AIDs in a fact sheet created by Islington Council.

10. Finsbury is taking a moment to enjoy some comic strips created by lesbian cartoonists.

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