Islington’s Pride The Sims 3 Pride Festival

It goes without saying that Pride Month is an important part of the Islington’s Pride calendar and we are very sad that this year we will be unable to celebrate in person at various events. However this does not mean we can’t celebrate Pride Month; there are several virtual events taking place and plenty of online resources for celebrating LGBTQ+ pride and protesting for LGBTQ+ rights.

Aside from our virtual events taking place in July we decided that what we really needed was to create our own Pride Festival in the world of The Sims. This is what was created.

The Park

The venue of the festival was the town park, redecorated with lots of LGBTQ+ flag themed accessories.

There’s lots of space for the Sims to chill, chat to friends and sit down for a picnic. There’s also sound systems everywhere for the Sims that just came to dance.


The Islington’s Pride team can often be found managing a stall at various events. We couldn’t have a festival without stalls for Sims to find out more about different LGBTQ+ organisations and campaigns.


What is Pride without protest. This was completely unplanned, the Sims decided to have a protest without any in put from me, I couldn’t be more proud.

Protesting outside the Town Hall. Their placards needed a bit of editing.

The Bar and Dance Floor

The Sims can head to the bar to pick up some refreshments, socialise and then make their way to the dance floor.

At night the party starts to kick off on the dance floor and the bar is open till late.

The festival was a lot of fun and the Sims went home happy and tired. Created your own virtual Pride Festival? Inspired by what we’ve done to create your own? We’d love to see what you’ve created, get in touch here or tweet us @islingtonspride.

Coming next a behind the scenes on how this festival was created.

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