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[Insert Name Here] rebranding Islington’s Pride

One of the first activities to take place in our Islington’s Pride project was to ask the  LGBTQIA youth group [Insert Name Here] to rebrand our project. During the autumn of 2017, young people worked with artists Ella Phillis and Alice May Williams to rework a vision for the project, based on the fantastic archive material we hold.

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 17.21.22.png


Our old logo was developed during the development phase of our HLF funding bid, it was a little lacklustre and was not based in anyway on what had come before. Below are a few galleries, they look through our new logo designs and variants, some of the archive that influences these. There is a gallery of the badges designed for us by [Insert Name Here] and a few examples of the badges that inspired them from the Martin King collection (on show in Islington Museum).

Two of the Martin King collection badges that inspired [Insert Name Here] in creating their logos

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