Islington’s Pride LGBTQ+ Heritage Quizzes

We’ve taken our heritage quiz online! Pick a theme and have a go at our multiple choice questions based on items held in the Islington’s Pride Archive. Test your knowledge and learn a little bit about LGBTQ+ heritage in Islington and the UK.

Criminal Acts and Equal Rights

In the not so far off past homosexuality in the UK was a crime, legislation was created to stop “promoting homosexuality” but that doesn’t mean the LGBTQ+ community didn’t take a stand.


Can you guess the correct missing word/s from these newspaper headlines taken from cuttings in the Islington’s Pride archive collection?

Charities and Organisations

Islington has been and still is host to many LGBTQ+ charities and organisations that support a range of different people in the LGBTQ+ community.

LGBTQ+ Individuals

A variety of LGBTQ+ people are represented within the archive; activists, entertainers, politicians, writers and more. Find out a little bit about a few of these people.

Headlines 2

More headlines from newspaper cuttings in the Islington’s Pride archive collection. Can you guess the correct missing word?

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